Until Such Time is a body of work which concentrates on women in Irish society. This project is a tribute to the women of Ireland, praising their optimism and humour during times when restrictions were forced upon a woman both at home and in the workforce.

The project highlights how inequality affected the daily lives of all women prior to the 1980’s, in a time when it was acceptable for women to earn a substantially lower rate of pay in comparison to men and when the marriage bar, made it compulsory for a female employee to resign upon marriage. But how much has changed really?

Based within Dublin, the archival imagery used is sourced solely from my extended family. The use of archival imagery and other materials has been a key part of this project. By removing the identity of the male form, it re-contextualises the image, elevates a new meaning within the photograph and re-establishes the woman’s position of power.

© Sarah Dargle 2019

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